Penn State Behrend Calendar (Virtual EMS)


Welcome to the Penn State Behrend Calendar system.  You can use this system to find information on events on campus as well as to find space for your own events.

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Guidelines for Scheduling Facilities and Guidelines for Event Information Signs

To improve scheduling processes, clarify information, and reduce confusion regarding the use of classrooms and other spaces on campus, each school and administrative unit will assign a staff member to act as a scheduler to be trained in the operation and use of the Event Management System (EMS). Training on relevant policy issues and program operations will be made available to all participants. Participation is critical due to the increasing growth of the college to avoid double-bookings, and to ensure that the college has accurate information readily available for emergencies or other situations.

Instructional Space

Instructional spaces are those classrooms and laboratories regularly scheduled for credit courses. These areas will be available for reservation one week prior to the start of classes when the classes are imported into the Event Management System (EMS).  Once the import has been completed this signals the beginning of the open availability of instructional spaces for general use by college faculty/staff members, offices, and student organizations. All instructional space reservations are then completed in real time on a first-come, first-serve basis through the Event Management System (EMS) and are updated immediately for viewing on the college Campus Calendar Web site at this class import, in rare cases, changes in class/instruction locations must be approved by the school director and entered into EMS by the designated school scheduler. Upon school approval and relocation of any instructional locations, the scheduler must e-mail the Registrar to report that the changes have been completed.

*During summer, instructional spaces are blocked from scheduling and subject to the same process as designated during the spring and fall semester.

Meeting and Conference Rooms/Miscellaneous Spaces

In addition to reserving the released instructional space, schedulers will also initiate requests for all other college facilities on behalf of their school or administrative area through EMS. Unlike instructional space, these requests may be initiated at any time of the year. All areas with facilities available for events, activities, and meetings have schedulers assigned to manage requests.
Requests for non-instructional facilities are completed via the web as a request process in EMS at  This automatically sends the request to the staff member responsible for approving requests for that specific facility. 
To ensure that the capabilities of a given room or venue meet program needs, scheduling staff should contact the appropriate reserving staff to discuss the event in detail before initiating a request that may not be suited for a given space.


Signage requests must be made through EMS at least one week in advance of the date the sign is to be displayed.   

Requester will need to provide the following information in the EMS request:  1.  Copy to be printed on the sign—maximum of 22 characters, including spaces; 2.  Direction the arrow is to point—left, right or up ("up" indicates straight ahead); 3.  Location of the event;  4.  Sign posting start date and time;  5.  Sign removal date and time; 6.  Whether or not sign will be needed in the future; 7.  Budget to be charged for sign production.

NOTE 1:  A work order for installation and removal of the sign by M&O must also be made by the requester through Maximo.
NOTE 2:  To reserve space in both structures (Campus Entrance and Tennis Courts), it will be necessary to submit separate reservation requests.  (Doing a "multiple" request for space--that is, requesting space for both structures at the same time--may result in an incorrect directional arrow being used on a given sign.)
NOTE 3:  Outside groups holding events on campus are required to follow these same guidelines, so anyone involved in reserving rooms or providing other services to such groups will be responsible for reserving signage for these groups as well.  (As a reminder:  Outside groups should also contact the Human Resources office to complete required indemnification paperwork.)