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Work Order Request Form

Requester Name:
Responsible Faculty:
Faculty Phone:
Faculty E-Mail (Complete):
Type of Work:
If Faculty Research, Budget Number:
Equipment Location:
Project Title:
Description of work to be done:*required

1000 character limit.
Drawings Forwarded:

If you have selected "Yes" and you have not submitted the drawings, please give them to a staff assistant in the School of Engineering office. Write the name of the responsible faculty member on them.

Date Needed By (mm/dd/yyyy):
Estimated Labor Time (hrs):
Estimated Material Cost ($):
If previously reviewed with technician, select which one:
Technical Skills Needed:
Potential Technician Work Order Backlog
Glenn Craig:
317 hrs
Rick Coon:
125 hrs
John McCutcheon:
8 hrs
David Honard:
0 hrs

When submitting this form a copy of the information will go to the technician(s).