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Request Form for Special Laboratory Access

Lab Coordinator Responsibilities

Engineering Laboratory Details
RFIDBURKE 108Dr. Greg DillionBurke 242D7169
Medical Plastics CenterBurke 109Mr. WilliamsBurke 213J6142
Fluid & Thermal ScienceBurke 112Mr. Edwards/Mr. WillisBurke 226/Burke 2406248/6387
Wind TunnelBurke 113Dr. Lasher/Mr. EdwardsBurke 241/Burke 2266391/6137
Large Scale ProjectsBurke 117Mr. EnglundBurke 2316346/6470
Materials TestingBurke 118Mr. SweeneyBurke 2316049
Rapid PrototypingBurke 119Ms. StudyBurke 2236563
Materials CharacterizationBurke 121Mr. SweeneyBurke 2316049
MetrologyBurke 122Mr. EnglundBurke 2326470
Manufacturing ProcessesBurke 123Mr. LobaughBurke 213B6181
Advanced Manufacturing LabBurke 124Mr. Mike LobaughBurke 213B6181
Plastics ProcessingBurke 127Ms. Lenhardt & Mr. JohnsonBurke 1286146
Plastics Material TestingBurke 129Ms. Lenhardt & Mr. JohnsonBurke 1286146
Plastics Quality & AssuranceBurke 130Ms. Lenhardt & Mr. JohnsonBurke 1286146
Plastics AuxiliaryBurke 132Ms. Lenhardt & Mr. JohnsonBurke 1286146
MicroprocessorsBurke 140Mr. KraheBurke 1726467
PLCBurke 143Dr. Walters/Mr. KuntzBurke 156/Burke 1746390/6341
Power and MotorsBurke 144Mr. Kuntz/Dr. WeissbachBurke 174/Burke 1706341/6346
PCB FabricationBurke 145Dr. CoulstonBurke 1696988
Electrical CircuitsBurke 146Dr. NelaturyBurke 1616472
Software DesignBurke 147Dr. FanBurke 1596562
Signal ProcessingBurke 148Dr. Nelatury/Dr. HemmingerBurke 166/Burke 1686472/6479
Measurements & InstrumentationBurke 151Mr. LokerBurke 1716478
Advanced TechnologyBurke 152Dr. Hemminger/Mr. LokerBurke 168/1716479/6478
K-12 OutreachBurke 209Mrs. FordBurke 1546685
Engineering ResearchBurke 211Dr. Greg DillionREDC 242D7169
Responsible Faculty:
Requester Phone:
E-Mail Address:
Course or Project:
Start Date:
End Date:
Reason for request:
I agree to the following

I have read and understand the School of Engineering Laboratory Policies for Students. I understand that the special access granted by this request does not allow me to unlock the facility or otherwise provide entry to anyone who is not authorized.

When submitting this form, it will go to Engineering Lab Request and the Lab Coordinator (view list).