Senior Design Project Proposal for Industry Sponsors

Instructions: If you are interested sponsoring a project, please:

  1. Read the Key Information for Potential Sponsors, then
  2. Complete all the information below and submit it electronically by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  3. All senior projects should be submitted prior to August 31.

If you have further questions, please contact Denise Brooks, Senior Project Administrator, at or 814-898-7148.

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1) Short Title. Please describe the project with a concise title.


2) Preliminary Status *

This is a new request for forming a student project

We have already established a project with a student

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3) Identify engineering expertise needed for the project - click all that apply *

Computer Electrical Mechanical Plastics Software

4) Project Description. (Provide a summary of the key project objectives.  Identify anticipated scope of the project, such as analyses, hardware, software, processes, tests, and prototypes).  Please give as much detail here, or as an attachment, fully describing the scope and desired outcomes of the project. These details are used to select which projects are chosen from those submitted). *

5) Attachments. You may attach one file. (Acceptable: .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .gif)

Please note: Some files are not attaching properly at this time. If you would upload and also send the attachment by email to Denise Brooks ( it would be appreciated.

6) Confidentiality Requirements (Non-Disclosure) *

None required

If your project will require a confidentiality agreement, contact Denise Brooks at or (814) 898-7148 to initiate the agreement. Projects that require a non-disclosure agreement must use the Penn State Senior Projects Confidential Information Disclosure Agreement.

7) Assignment of rights to Intellectual Property (IP) *

None required

If your project requires that any IP developed by students be assigned to the sponsor, contact Denise Brooks at or (814) 898-7148 to initiate the IP agreement. Projects that require assignment of intellectual property (must be identified at the start of the project) must use the Penn State Special Intellectual Property Agreement.

Acknowledgement by Sponsor. Student project results are provided "as is" without any representation or warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, including, but not necessarily limited to any warranty as to fitness for particular purposes, merchantability or non-infringement. All research performed is to be done by University students and is not subject to peer review or independent verification of results. The sponsor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University, its agents, employees, students and volunteers for any and all harm, loss, liability, claims or damages which may arise from your use of the student project results in whatever manner or form.

I have read and understand the Key Information for Potential Sponsors and the Acknowledgement by Sponsor listed above.


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