Telephone Trouble Report

NOTE:   To avoid unnecessary repair costs, please do the following before initiating a Trouble Report :

  • Check the cord from the handset to the phone to assure it is not frayed or disconnected.
  • Check the cord from the phone to the wall jack to assure  it is not frayed or disconnected.
  • Try another phone, of the same model, in your wall jack to see if the trouble still exists.
  • Make sure you are using an active phone jack.
  • Check our on line dialing instructions to assure you are dialing properly.

If you fail to do the above, and the problem is not facility related, you will be charged the repair fee.

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Phone Problems

Before reporting a problem, make sure you complete the check list below.

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Identify the Problem --- You must complete the following:  

No Dial Tone     Static      Button Sticks     Wall Jack is Broken    

I cannot dial this number     I cannot receive calls      

Description of trouble, if not identified above:


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